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Temporary relocation of Brierley Medical Centre

We are temporarily relocating all services from Brierley Medical Centre due to building safety issues. Our new site will be the Grimethorpe Centre, S72 7NZ from Monday 24th April 2023. Please see the attachments within this message for more information and reasonings behind this decision. All appointments already booked will be at Grimethorpe at the same date and time.

As a reuslt of the temporary relocation of Brierley Medical Centre, we are temporarily relocating the services we offer at Grimethorpe Centre (that are only offered on a Thursday from Grimethorpe). Our services will now all be running from Highgate Medical Centre, Shafton Units 5 &6, S72 8WL. This will commence from Monday 24th April 2023.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact the relevant practice on

Brierley: 01226 711278

Highgate: 01226 488999

or follow the instructions within the attachments. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Brierley Patient Letter

Brierley Patient FAQs

Highgate Patient Letter

Highgate Patient FAQs

Thank you for your patience,

Barnsley Healthcare Federation

Posted on Apr 21, 2023.

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